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November 7th

Got some anon links regarding my Dudesons post.

[TW: Appropriation]

So maybe they haven’t really learned that it’s offensive if this is anything to go by.

The text at the top says:

How handsome! Thanks to Artistiasu [outfit designers], Ostrobothnian dudes are now almost real laplanders. Ready to do some reindeer separation in jänkä!


They also sent me this video, just stating that they weren’t sure if the Dudeson’s experiences in the 90’s were anything similar to theirs, but considering they’re only 4-6 years younger than the guys it’s somewhat likely.

November 5th


Em explained this whole “OMG NO DOUBT IS RACIST” thing to me.

Um, this is basically exactly what happened with the Dudesons when they did that Dudesons in America episode where they pretended to be Native Americans and Cowboys.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again:

Once upon a time little kids used to play Cowboy’s and Indians. Are you telling me that’s racist now? Is playing Cops and Robbers racist, too? Hopscotch? Ring around the rosey?

Is every trick-or-treater coming to my door tonight dressed as a Native American a racist? Every kid dressed as Woody? Is every kid ringing my doorbell racist because they’re dressing up and pretending to be something they’re not for one night?

Racism is putting down a person or a group of people based on their race, sexual orientation, or beliefs. Racism is not a woman dressing as a Native American (who comes out the victor) for a music video. Racism is not a bunch of FOREIGNERS, who most likely have no idea of the true history behind anything since they’re NOT FROM THIS COUNTRY, dressing as Native Americans and doing stunts and pranks for a TV show. 

Hey so I’m going to start this off by reminding everyone that I’m rly white, so if I say anything wrong or offensive please let me know. I’m going on a lot of second-hand information and personal experiences (of other people) so please just call me out if I end up saying something out of my ass.

First off, yes of frakking course Cowboys and Indians is a racist game. And while children are not inherently racist, a generalized portrayal of an entire culture is. We as white folk can throw a culture on, and then take it off just as quick and go back to our privilege. Someone who lives that culture can’t just shed their skin and attain privilege.

As for the Dudesons, I get it (I guess) how people can scream ignorance in regards to the episode Cowboys and Findians, but how likely do you think it would have been that they would have made an episode like that in Finland about the Sami people? Very unlikely, considering they grew up learning that caricatures of their own indigenous population are considered offensive (the government’s treatment in regards to rights/land rights not withstanding).

So yeah. A fair number of the things described are legit racist. Racism is a form of institutionalized prejudice towards a culture for not being white enough. That’s it. That’s what it is. A great indication of when something is racist is when POCs say it’s racist (like with the No Doubt MV AND Cowboys and Findians AND people wearing appropriative Halloween costumes).

Comparing Cowboys and Indians to Hopscotch is silly.

i just………

EDIT: Also thank you to my tlist who were willing to give me advice, and listen to me worry about making this post.

October 20th