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April 21st


Title: Three’s a Crowd
Author: wynnetimate
Pairing/Fandom: Onew / Taemin, Onew / Jonghyun / Taemin ; SHINee
Rating: NC-17
Summary: “It wasn’t like anyone said it out loud, that it was a threesome. But of course it was. What else?”

Warning(s): Brief mention of disgust with homosexuality during roleplay (beginning of part one).
Domination, Bondage, Toys, Threesomes/Moresomes, Humiliation, Fisting (?), Double Penetration

Literally one of my favourite fanfics from any fandom ever.

April 19th

a message from yayhooraywoohoo

Do you have any specific Yoseob-related shipping feels :D?


Biggest one: I can’t read bottom!Seob. Ever. Even if things are merely alluded to it ruins fic for me. Idk. IDK. There was a time when it wasn’t that big of a deal for me to read it, and be like, “Welp that’s porn.” and move on, but idk it just seems wrong now.

Maybe it’s that I ‘ship him to the ends of the Earth with Dongwoon, and he’s like an uber power bottom in my head so I mean uhm.

EDIT: Okay there’s, like, certain fics where it’s still acceptable, BUT THEY’RE SO FEW, AND FAR IN BETWEEN.


I’m Brieal.

I’m talking about porn.

AS FOR SOMETHING LESS PERVERTED BECAUSE WHY NOT: I think Yoseob would really suck at cuddling. Like, it’s not that he would be adverse to trying, it’s just that it’s not something I can really see him going out of his way to do.

Seems more like the sitting on the couch with a seat cushion in between watching a movie with comfortable silence between partners kind of guy.

April 4th

i wonder which member of shinee watches the most fucked up porn/is the kinkiest



i’d put my money on jonghyun.



How is this even a damn question?!? THE ANSWER IS TOO OBVIOUS

Oh, you want my hypothesis on SHINee’s porn watching habits, you say?

Key-Not a porn watcher. Watched it once, he blinked a few times. Not really much of a sexual person, much less one that is very libidinous, voyeuristic, or generally explored/curious/learned in that field. Sensual, yes. His porn is well-styled editorials & sexy pop videos and dancing along to them way too seductively. But porn, no. Too crass, blatant, and upfront for his taste.

Jjong-Probably not so much into the idea of porn, really. Some straight guys really could care less and don’t find it too attractive? Or grew out of it. Which isn’t to say he’s sexual, he most definitely is. He’d much rather do the dirty in real life, not watch it. He’s more “sexy smooth yet sexually explicit r&b song about pantyhose” than he is “HEY I WANNA SEE YOUR TITS”. Also, he’s a romantic. While he isn’t some raving sex positive feminist, he probably doesn’t exactly enjoy the often sexist and demeaning nature of porn.

Onew-Probably also not a porn watcher but also not too sexual of a human being though he is attracted to women and has the most chance to actually have a successful heterosexual relationship when compared to the chucklefucks he’s in a group with? He’s more of a goofball. If he thinks a girl is attractive he makes cheesy jokes no one understands, will talk too much about the nerdy far-off things he likes, and try to listen to her talk as much as possible. He isn’t the “GET IN YOUR PANTS” type.

Taemin-Watches porn, watches the fuck out of that shit like it’s going out of style, holy fucking christ. He is turned on by it, curious about it, learning from it, and observes the most random, far off, fucked up, and weird things when he watches it. With a straight face on. And a glazed glassy look like he’s entraced by the sea. It is both about sex and about the human nature. He needs vast amounts of insight of both, and he’s getting it from the most fucked up sources.

Minho-Hyungs are porn