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July 5th


i accidentally wrote an essay-length post about this gifset and i’m really wary about posting it (the gifset [to exokink] and the essay because holy poop why word vomit) because i’m experiencing the situation through 3 languages uuuugh

If I have any followers who fulfill any of the following criteria:

  • into exo
  • into kink/bdsm
  • has ever experienced a long-term language barrier
  • would be willing to talk with me for a bit about any/all of these things and how they relate to the aforementioned gifset

please let me know because i’m… confused and concerned over whether or not i should post some of the submissions i’ve been getting over on my kink blog that have tao in them (or if i do post them, how do i even tag them idk)

March 19th


So I’ve been having a lot of problems with my depression and anxiety over the past few weeks, and I’d really appreciate some cute movie recs. I’m looking in particular for anime full-length movies or OVAs (but movies would be better) AVOIDING blood, familial trauma, any sexual themes (light romance or cutesy friendship would probably be okay?), and anything Ghibli because I’ve already seen them all. Anything else is fair game (doesn’t even have to be cute tbh just has to be good).

Just need a de-stress night and anime seems like a good way to do it. Thanks in advance!

March 5th

Fun story time!

Actually fun!

When I was a kid my Mum had a friend who was a single parent of 2 and a foster Mum. I spent a lot of time at her house and heard a lot of nasty stories about the foster care system and about how nice her house was in comparison.

So I’ve kinda always wanted to be a foster parent and keep a full house and help kids because kids are wicked cool and no kid deserves to be put into a nasty foster home. With my health being as it is now, I mean… like idk treatments are still out there for me that I just don’t know about yet I hope. Plus maybe my future partner/s will be able enough to help me make this a reality.

My parents are totally cool with it. They’ve always known that I’ve wanted to have a big family, and when I told them about my abuse and that I wasn’t comfortable having giving birth they were cool with me adopting and now that it’s confirmed near-impossible for me to have kids due to my endo they’re even more supportive. I have aunts and uncles who are less supportive, and my Gramma is just plain-out freaked by the idea of people raising kids they’re not biologically related to (idgi).

Really the reason I’m sharing is I’m kinda wondering if anyone reading this has ever thought of adopting or fostering? What are/were your motivations behind it? Is your family supportive of it?