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April 17th

Decided to say screw it and use up a couple more spoons than I really had and went out with zyoko and wolfkazumaru (whom I had made plans with) (I should have canceled probably…) (I’M REALLY GLAD I DIDN’T AND LET ME TELL YOU WHY).

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December 3rd


August 12th

Instead of separating the images, here’s my run-down of Animethon 19 in one spot!

Spent the weekend at Zyoko's place with SaltyDavis, and WolfKazumaru (with a brief interlude at the con by skitzkitten). Tonnes of fun! Watched a lot of Star Trek and anime and just in general had a gr9 time. Watched a lot of anime at the con too, lol. And the panels this year were top notch! djfncaskvjl I just love Animethon every year omfg. Even through this wicked chest infection I have it was awesome.

First up are a few of my favourite cosplayers, followed by all the shtuff I got from the Vendor’s Hall / Artist Alley ~ The cosplays were great this year! And I really wish I had gotten the names of everyone who I got pictures of. aah. Next year. (Also ugh the picture I got of that Afro Samurai cosplayer sux.d,snjerfn)

Wolf grabbed me the Artemis plush, AND the Sailor Moon print, AND the garbage can drawing of me, AND the creepy My Little Pony pin (Crysalis? idk SCARY PONY). So thanks to him for those! I nabbed the MatsuJun print at a discount because I fanned so hard over it. I might be getting the artist to make up a Nino print for me in the same style, because I love it so much and Nino’s face is the actual best. The phone charms are super adorable (I bought a set of LoZ ones, and divided them amongst my con group), and the Peach / Tetris ones have little bells on them! So cute ~

Also the pins were mostly bought as gifts! Plans are to keep 2-3 of them, but the rest are getting mailed out by the end of the week. Sorry to spoil the surprise for people who haven’t seen them yet, but I really wanted to put up a picture of all of them. PLUS you don’t really know which one you’re getting anyways! I would have properly picked out biases, but there was such a small selection so people might be getting a secondary bias. oop.

Anyways that was my weekend! Tonnes of fun! Looking forward to next year already, haha.